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Room Sponsorship

At Prevail, support groups are at the heart of what we do.  We know that when a group of kids, teens, or adults gets together to learn more about the trauma they have experienced, they are able to connect in a way the brings hope and healing.  These support groups happen in environments that are trauma-informed.  That means that we pay special attention to the room where the group meets.  We use lower lighting, comfortable furniture, calming colors, and offer tools in those rooms that help with calming a traumatized brain. 

The work that happens in these rooms can’t happen without highly trained, compassionate facilitators.  They use tools in those groups to facilitate learning and sharing.  All of this – the environment, the staff, and the supplies – costs money. 

To support these groups that change lives, we offer the opportunity to the community to “adopt-a-room”.  This means that individuals, families, companies, service groups, or other entities will come together to support the room and the groups that happen in them for a year at a time.  Here are some suggestions for how that can happen:

  • A $5,000 donation will provide all that is needed for the environment, the staff, and the supplies for one year of services
  • In lieu of a cash donation, this could be an in-kind donation of furniture, supplies, and/or sweat equity
  • Other ways to support the groups are listed in the Adopt-a-Group options

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