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How Advocates Help at Child Advocacy Centers (CACs)

Children and teens benefit from having a safe place to tell their story when they have experienced trauma. Our community has a Child Advocacy Center (CAC) for this purpose. Cherish Center is a nationally-accredited CAC.

At the CAC, a multidisciplinary team will meet you and your family there. This team can include police, Department of Child Services caseworker, a specially trained forensic interviewer, an advocate, and the prosecutor. Our goal is to collaborate with your family, answer your questions, and reduce the likelihood your child will be interviewed multiple times.

Our advocates are available upon request to meet your family at Cherish Center (Hamilton County’s CAC). Since we are not a part of the investigation, we are focused on how to best support your child and family. We are there to listen, make sure you get your questions answered, and help with any of your family’s needs.
To find out more about Cherish Center, visit their website here.


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